Propertypro vs Nigeriapropery center, who wins in the SEO game?

Propertypro and Nigeriapropery Center is the most popular real estate listing in Nigeria, in other words, they provide real estate agents or developers to search for lands, houses, and apartment on the website; making them like “search engine or E-commerce for real estate. If you want to buy an apartment or a house in Lagos, the place to visit is either propertypro or Nigeriaproperty Center

In this series, we are taking a closer look at these two websites and understand who wins in the SEO game, both offer similar products as regards searching for real estate products in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Propertypro: A case study

Propertypro major source of traffic or probably revenue comes from Google search, but the question is how large the traffic that comes from Google search is. 

Most queries from propertypro are informational intent, this has been their stronghold to have large amount of traffic to the website, and most informational queries have a dedicated sales page created. Properypro is not just writing blog posts, there are also creating a sales page for every single term on the website. 

There literally have a sales page for property for rent in Lagos, houses for sale in Lagos, etc. Some of the sales page created on the website also comes from realtors who want to have their product on the website, this is the major anchor for growth for property pro

The monthly traffic from propertypro speaks volumes as a result of the sales page created for  each intent. Propertypro understood the assignment from the beginning when creating sales page, as shown in the screenshot each query for propertypro is targeted to respond to a searches intent. Even though Google understands search queries as informational content, you can’t leave the content without submitting your contact details or reaching out to the sales team.

Most of the content on propertypro website is product-led content, for every sales page or blog post written, it finds a way to collect your details or reach out to the sales team, this might be one of the ways properypro makes money directly from the website aside the monthly subscription real estate agent pays to have the property listed on their platform. 

The interest rate from Google trends speak one thing “people are constantly searching for houses or apartment for sale in Lagos, and since most of Propertypro’s content has the content, 

Growth Levers for Propertypro

Most real estate brands rely on traffic from social media or paid campaigns for leads or sales, but that is not the case for propertypro. Most of the traffic from the website came from Google search, even though the company spends for paid campaigns it cannot be compared to the amount of traffic it gets from search. 


Nigeriaproerty pro has similar audience and product offerings as propertypro, we are not going to look deep as propertypro. We are just going to look at the search volume and traffic for Nigeriapropertycenter.

As explained in Properypro, all queries are information queries but Google serves those queries as transactional queries. For Nigeriapropery center most queries are transactional queries because that is how the sales page was created at the beginning

Where I get confused in a minute is how “Google is able to interpret the queries” in Nigeriapropery center as transactional and that of property pro informational.

This can be the reason why Nigeriapropery centre has more search demand compared to propertypro, I can’t clearly say the same thing for sales or revenue made on both platforms.

Another thing can contribute the search demand for Nigeriapropery center can be the years it has been in operation, Nigeriapropery center has been in existence before property pro, so it has already earned trust from people.

Nigeriaproperty centre has target keywords listed at the bottom of the website, this could be the reason for the high search volume and traffic

There understand how important these important terms are so they did not just list the target keywords on the menu bar, they also listed the term at the footer so when a user lands there, they can go straight to the sales page.

Growth Levers for Nigeriaproperty Centre

Google search provides most of the traffic for Nigeriaproperty centre, the company does not spend money on ads, it also has a poor social media presence compared to propertypro. This is evidence that you can strongly depend on Google for traffic and sales. 

Who wins, Propertypro or Nigeriapropertycentre?

After carefully analyzing both websites, Nigeriaproperty Centre has an upper hand in  SEO over Propertypro.

Nigeriaproperypro clearly understands the intent of its audience which is why most pages on the website have high search volume compared to Propeetypro. For example, houses for rent has more search volume than property for rent, what Nigeriaproperty has done is create those pages with high search volume  on the website

When you type the keyword ( houses for sale in Lagos)  in Google search the first page to see is Nigeriaproperty centre,  Propertypro is the second, and that could be that Google understands the similarity between both keywords

Another thing reason for the high growth for Nigeriaproperty is that the footer of the website has targeted keywords listed at the bottom, this is not the same for Propertypro, the footer for Property has all the locations listed. What Propertypro should have done is list the top high-intent keywords at the footer, for example: property for rent in Lagos, Property for sale in Ikeja, and houses for sale in Lekki. 

Conclusion: Both companies have the same product offerings and probably similar audiences, one thing stood out for Nigeriaproperty Centre and that is the high intent sales pages created on the website, despite the rapid campaigns done for propertypro, Nigeriapropertycenre still has the upper hand. 

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